Justin Blaney

In this second episode of I Thought This Was Interesting, Dr. Justin Blaney, Frank Coker and Jesse Bauer discuss spacetime in past, present and future, the virtuoso Michael Crichton and learning to respect people with very different ideas. 

Keywords: spacetime, space-time, space, time, spacetime grid, spacetime graph, einstein spacetime, spacetime continuum, spacetime and gravity, what is curved spacetime, why we use spacetime graph, einstein curved spacetime, space time, relativity curved spacetime, science, michael crichton, crichton, michael crichton (author), michael, michael cricton, micheal crichton, michael crichton jurassic park, michael crichton - predator czyta krzysztof gosztyła, jurassic park, the lost world, sphere, author, strain, science, debate, debate presidencial, debates, debate 2018, midterm debate, how to win debates, debate presidencia, debate de aparecida, ideas, different, science ideas, futurism, future, robots, future tech, retro future, tech, time, virtual reality, the singularity, the singularity is near, consciousness, what is consciousness, consciousness (quotation subject), conciousness, neuroscience, consiousness, define consciousness, altered consciousness, where is consciousness, defining consciousness, consciousness explained, consciousness quantified

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