To live a particular life, to possess a certain mindset, or to achieve a specific change in this world, we need only find those who are already where we want to be and allow ourselves to become like them by being in their presence. Our physical makeup, past choices or circumstances outside our control have less impact on our ability to achieve a goal than does our own laziness, fear, or ignorance—and even these can be overcome by hanging around with the right kind of people. 

The method by which we associate ourselves with the people we want to become like is quite simple: by any means necessary. 

This proves more difficult in practice, as all excellence is. Quitting; running away; taking a job below one’s level; giving selflessly; investing time and energy; using our resources and time toward a focused pursuit; ending one relationship to make room for another. All of these can be immeasurably difficult, and yet each may be exactly what is required if we wish to overcome whatever is binding us to whatever we no longer wish to be. 

We all want to fly, but doing so isn’t easy.

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Laziness, Mindset, Clarity, Fear