We are merely a collection of atoms, a symphony of cells. Nothing more. Nothing less. Our memories, our hopes, our love—these exist as electricity flowing between neurons and synapses. We are no more special than a blade of grass, a burning sunset, or a wave crashing upon the sand. So let us simply be a happy collection of cells, let us do what is necessary to reduce suffering, increase life, and secure more firmly the future of any cells which come into being after our own.

One by one, the stars across our sky and beyond are disappearing into the void. In the end everything finds its end, and nothing we have ever done or ever could do will matter. This is an undeniable truth—that we can never be sure of any enduring future, whether we are alive, or what will exist tomorrow. So make this present moment all that it can be. This we are, a collection of cells, and this is all we will ever be. So I am content. We are a species who has created some mighty feats: great buildings, societies, science, and discovery. But it all is still undeniably small within the cosmos. 

Nothing matters if we do not enjoy it. Stop for any moment you are able, stand still, breathe deeply, and feel the life flowing through you. This is all you possess. This is all that matters. You are alive for a very short time. Make the most of it, however you see fit.

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