I’m often amazed at how I can have so many things to be thankful for, yet still feel sad. Or how I can be surrounded by people, yet feel lonely. Or how I can have abundance while maintaining my obsession with what I do not have. The problem is the same in all of these cases: I am looking for something outside of myself to quench what is within—my loneliness, my sadness, my dissatisfaction.

The truth is, I always have everything I need to feel happy, cared for, and satisfied with life. I was born with it, and carry it with me wherever I go. What is this magic thing? It is me. The acceptance that I am enough. It’s a simple mindset change that is quite difficult to live out yet within grasp in every moment.

I’m not saying we can instantly cure ourselves of all dissatisfaction and need with a wave of our hand, but I do believe we have the power within ourselves to grow strong in our self-acceptance—so strong that we find we have all we need no matter what befalls us. What is a need anyway, except a strong socially acceptable desire? We don’t need anything truly. We don’t need love, or money, or even to live. So if we have anything, we have more than we need. I have found that reminding myself of this principle is a long battle, not a quick fix. Possessing this mindset requires years of practice, but in time I have found an increased level of confidence in this truth, and I expect that confidence to grow as I continue to practice.

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