Thankfulness and downheartedness cannot simultaneously thrive inside you. Whichever you focus on will grow inside you until you shift your focus, or until it fills you completely. Many people need help fighting depression, and one can’t simply wish negative feelings away with trite quotes or recitations. However, in the end, we have the choice of who we want to be, and whether or not we will get the help necessary to become that person.

If you’re depressed and trying to find a way out, don’t give up when you haven’t seen results in a few days or weeks. Your depression isn’t your fault, and no one can snap their fingers to make it go away. Powerful chemicals are washing around inside your brain in ways science doesn’t fully understand. Yet, as with all things, there exists only one path toward healing and that starts with your choice.

Those who continue to meditate on thankfulness—and if necessary get help in the form of prescription drugs, counseling, and the support of healthy friends—can find relief from melancholy.

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