Our dreams can only be drawn from what we already know.

We can’t imagine what we’ve never seen or understood. So, our dreams are always limited by what we already have inside our head.

The more we dream, and the more we grow, the bigger our dreams can become. If you fear you don’t dream big enough, start where you are. That’s all you can do after all. The more you grow and the more you attain and the more you dream, the more you will see your dreams growing to places you never thought possible when you started out. And, the bigger you dream, the further you can go.

Or you may not realize that you are limiting your dreams. You may not realize that you are dreaming small. Everyone can dream bigger, if they only realized there was more to dream for. Stretch yourself to discover new heights, then shoot for them. If you do, you will find yourself achieving more than you ever thought possible. 

You can’t dream big without dreaming small first.

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