Many people make the mistake of fearing failure.

Yet the path to success is almost always littered with countless failures along the way. Astonishing luck is required to achieve success without practice, and luck is never a plan. It just happens to a few, well, lucky people. That’s why we call it luck. But for most people, failure was necessary to learn to become successful. Failure causes us to modify our approach. It shows us when we are off the mark.

Can someone reach the baseball hall of fame without missing countless pitches along the way? Does one win an Olympic gold medal in the pole vault without falling on their face more times than they can count? Most successful people have been fired, received an F in class, declared bankruptcy, been divorced, lost friendships, been called a talentless fraud, received a 1 star rating, or otherwise crashed and burned.

When you are beating yourself up over your latest failing, remember: You can’t succeed without failure. Not that you want to fail, but when you inevitably do, pick yourself up, learn a lesson, and try again.

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Success, Choice, Failure