For many people, negativity is more magnetic than positivity because it’s so much easier to make come true. Failure is easier than success. So if one is looking for the chance to say I told you so, a negative point of view clearly has an advantage.

Human nature includes a healthy dose of natural negativity. This tendency kept us alive for thousands of years. That’s why you’ll never have to look hard to find an abundance of unbelievers, downers and skeptics. Don’t let these people be an anchor on your life. Their instincts are outdated; We have more opportunity today than ever in human history. 

If you want to stand out, if you want to do big things with your life, or if you just want to be happy, focus on whatever you can find that is positive and refuse to get bogged down with all that cannot be done.

Positivity has its own magnetism. You will attract others who desire desire the same, and together you will go further in life and have more fun doing it.

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