You may think that you can delay a decision, but this is actually a decision to do nothing. And while there can be good reasons to wait, many times we are just allowing indecision to put our life on pause. Unless you are making a strategic decision to wait—usually this involves other positive decisions such as training, preparation, and planning—consider making a move. If you have multiple options and they all appear to be equal, just pick one and go.

Don’t be like a person who stares at a restaurant menu, then decides to eat nothing because she can’t decide between the 10 dishes that all appear equally appetizing. If you narrow the menu down to three dishes that all sound good, just pick one!

If you choose something, anything, you have gone from moving nowhere to moving somewhere. You might fear picking the wrong path and moving in the opposite direction of your desired outcome, but if you can’t determine which choice is better by staring at them then you won’t know if a choice is right or wrong until you try it. Making a choice enables you to learn whether or not it was a good path. For as long as you stand still, you are unlikely to learn anything.

Make a habit of being honest with yourself. If you choose to do nothing, recognize that this is your choice and don’t blame others for any lack of progress that comes from your choice. Always remember, every inaction is an action.

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