We are prone to complain that no one believes in us as much as we would like, yet we all too
often don’t believe in ourselves. How can we expect others to invest in us if we don’t first invest in ourselves? Should we rely on other people who may come and go, who have countless worries of their own, to give us the love we deny ourselves? Do we begrudge this world for its stinginess when we are far more selfish with what we give to the world?

Why do you expect other people to sacrifice for you when you do not sacrifice for yourself? Why do you expect others to invest in you when you do not invest in yourself? Why expect others to give you their time when you never give time to yourself?

First, believe in yourself. Then watch as others put their faith in you too.
First, invest in yourself. It won’t be long before those with resources begin calling your name.
First, be generous. You will see those around you open their pocketbooks too.
First, be friendly. And you will have no shortage of friends.

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Tags: belief, Law of Attraction, choice