Emotions can be the worst sort of liars. They often make us feel either too confident or too pessimistic. They beg us to act in the heat of a present experience without thinking through the consequences of our actions. Research proves that emotions—often obscuring, deceiving, deluding—drive our decisions far more than logic and reason. It’s amazing our species has survived so long with such irrationally informed decision making.

And yet what we feel, whether welcome or not, adds color to life. Would falling in love be the same without the existence of apathy or hate? We can’t appreciate the highs of joy without experiencing the depths of sorrow. Emotions are the fragrance that draws honeybees to daffodils, bringing beauty and wonder to the dream of life. And though they often lie, we sometimes will find more truth in what we feel than what we let ourselves believe.

So enjoy your full range of emotions, and listen to what they tell you. Just do so cautiously.

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