You are a dandelion seed blown upon the wish of your ancestors, and now you hang in the air, pushed this way and that by countless decisions, large and small, and the fate of all life’s winds that rise outside your control. You want to fly from where you are to somewhere new, to reinvent yourself, to make a better life, to find happiness or riches or even just a meal to survive another day. But without intention, you will simply find yourself wherever gravity and the breath of life takes you. 

This need not be your fate. You need not know your direction, nor a first step. You need nothing, but this: 


Lean into your desires, however vague they may be, however undefined, however unknown, and you will find yourself slowly, incrementally, traveling great distances. You will find clarity, direction and everything else you need along the way, but only if you lean. You will find some days are lost wandering in circles, or backwards, while others take you quickly along your way. But over the months, years and decades, you will find yourself flying to worlds you never knew existed, ones that are even better than you thought possible when you set out. 

Leaning into your desires is any action done with intention. Ask. Read. Reflect. Share. Learn. Follow. Climb. Seek. Simply point your face whichever direction seems closer to where you want to be and lean toward it until you find your feet moving under you. Get over the idea of finding shortcuts and straight paths. Just so something. Anything. This is only secret you need to satisfy any need or achieve any goal. Don’t wait to know more, to be ready or to overcome your fears. Start right now, this very moment, and just keep leaning, every day, until you arrive. 

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