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As a #1 bestselling author of 14 books, successful entrepreneur and dynamic speaker, Justin Blaney draws from a strong foundation of experience in communicating to help each person in his audience make positive steps toward becoming the ideal version of themselves through the power of Relationshift. Justin is experienced at delivering keynotes, short TED style talks, interactive workshops, and multi-day consultative engagements.

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Relationshift: The ancient truth that activates your ability to achieve anything.


Imagine, for a moment, the ideal version of you.

How do you look? What do you feel? Who do you share life with? What do you do for fun? And work? What is the balance of your bank account?

Now consider what prevents you from becoming this version of yourself. Some external force? Or perhaps you don’t believe it’s even possible.

Philosophers across time disagree.

For thousands of years, the wisest among us have preached a message of possibility.

Relationshift is that message.

This ancient wisdom explains how relationships can shift us into any version of ourselves we desire. Not just in one or two aspects of life, but in all seven pillars of wholeness: Love, Family, Friendship, Spirit, Mind, Body, and Money.

Perhaps you have wonderful friends, but you can’t move beyond living paycheck to paycheck. Or you may be enormously successful, but your body is a mess and your love life is even worse.

The reason we don’t naturally make use of Relationshift across all seven pillars of wholeness is that simple truths can sometimes be the most difficult to apply. Fortunately, those who went before us left behind clues to a system, one that distills this enormous and nebulous concept into three small, yet profound shifts in mindset.

  1. Reinvent your reality. Choose to believe you really can become the ideal version of yourself.
  2. Reimagine your direction. Aim higher, then take action no matter what fears or lacking threaten to immobilize you.
  3. Refine your relationships. Give your time to people, whether in person or by immersing yourself in their wisdom, who are further along in the journey.

In this talk, Justin offers a practical guide to applying these shifts, breaking down each big idea into small changes anyone can make. By the end, you will possess everything you need to be on your way to becoming the ideal version of you.


  1. Small steps I can take each day to become the ideal version of myself through the cultivation of certain kinds of relationships.
  2. A clear idea of who I should network with in order to achieve my goals, and tips on how to connect with people who are hard to connect with.
  3. A strategy for overcoming the most common pitfalls people face when applying Relationshift.

What people are saying about Justin’s content

“We invited Justin Blaney to speak at an event for 700+ small business leaders and couldn’t have been happier with the results. Justin was easy to work with, well prepared for the event, and most important, the content he shared was fantastic. We’ve had a lot of big names at our events like Dan Rather and Guy Kawasaki, but Justin received some of the highest ratings from our audience that I can remember for any speaker. We will be looking for ways to work with Justin again in the future.” —Terrie Carter, Verizon Small Business

“Justin Blaney spoke at our Digital Summit last year and was so well received by our audience we asked him to come back and emcee the entire event this year. We were surprised by Justin’s preparation and how well the event went. He managed to be funny, insightful and professional simultaneously, a balance that is hard to achieve. We appreciated the ideas that Justin brought to our event, especially how he was able to engage with the audience using social media during the day. We hope Justin is available next year.” —Sandy Ellingson, National Religious Broadcasters, one of the oldest and largest religious media conferences hosting over 6,000 attendees annually.

Excerpts of feedback from audience members

“Blaney is a masterful storyteller. – L Strojny
“Will fascinate you and leave you begging for more” – Mary Weber
“Depth and imagination and originality, a tough combo to find these days” Aerin Firehair
“Refreshing new ideas… highly recommend” – Merideth
“Five stars” – Stephanie Hill
“I really enjoyed it!” – Beola K. Sandretto
“Big thumbs up!” – Shirley
“I would definitely recommend” – Ana
“Kept me captivated” – Amazon reviewer
“Fresh and unique” – Viviana Ortiz
“Hooked from the very beginning” – Jenn
“I enjoy Justin’s imagination” – Fagan
“Kept me wanting more” – Mary Meyer
“Unique and wonderful” – Christy
“Completely refreshing” – T. Lombard
“Spectacular” – Kim Heeren
“I am in awe” – Victoria Zlotkowski
“Everything you could want to hold your attention” – Sara G.
“The absolute absence of pretense” – Cindi Clubbs
“No question, five stars” – Sarah
“I loved it” – Jessica R. Mamac

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