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Famously Helpful: The surprising results of flipping self-promotion, hype and marketing upside down

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About Famously Helpful.

Marketing as we know it is history. It doesn’t matter if you’re pitching for a new job, filling seats at a benefit or selling an amazing new product, the world is too cluttered for your message without spending millions on advertising. The old system is dead, but radical change creates a fleeting window of opportunity for those who are willing to change themselves. Successful marketers of tomorrow are flipping the rules upside down. This new era has abandoned self-promotion and hype for an others-centered approach. In today’s economy, marketing starts with helping. There is no better way to grow, no better way to cut through the hot mess, no better way to reach your audience than to help them. Become famous for your helpfulness and watch how your life changes. You might never have to look for another customer, donor, or job again.

292 pages
Published by Inkliss
ISBN-10: 1508484171

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