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Follow up to the mega ego blog post

Thanks for your help!

A couple weeks ago I asked for your help.

My publicist and agent asked me to give them a new portrait and bio, and you voted. Here’s what you chose:


Justin Blaney is the #1 bestselling author of 6 books including Evan Burl and the Falling and the critically acclaimed photography journal, Fast Wide Open. He began attending college at 16, married his high school sweetheart at 17, and had three daughters by 21. While earning several graduate degrees and raising his young family, Justin founded more than a dozen businesses and nonprofits, making him a millionaire at the age of 25. He has since lost his fortune several times over, but through the ups and downs discovered the work for which he was designed.

Justin’s passion is helping individuals and organizations develop and share their uniqueness, enabling them to achieve their greatest success in life and business. He’s reached over a million people in dozens of countries, getting to work with and be mentored by some of the most influential figures of our time. His blogs JustinBlaney.com and I4J.org receive over 100,000 monthly views and he is followed by more than 40,000 on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube. Justin and his family live outside Seattle.


You all overwhelmingly liked A and D the best, which were the same portrait with different backgrounds 🙂 So I modified D to be warmer, desaturated and blurred the background to incorporate the feedback of those who liked A better. By the way, this photo was taken by my 12-year-old daughter Emma. Here it is:



What do you think?

Congrats to our giveaway winner April Reynolds!

Along with winning signed copies of several books, this week’s winner joins the other semi-finalists in the $250 Amazon gift card giveaway. Claim your prize by emailing evan@evanburl.com. Here are the complete rules.

Click here to enter for your chance to win during our next giveaway, plus get the free eBook instantly, just for entering!

Here is a list of the semifinalists for the $250 Amazon giveaway!

Jessica Mamac, Kristen Patinka, Lou Scott, Scott Bothel, John Wargowsky, Tammy Dalley, Carl Smith, Heather Miles, Sally Hannoush, Christopher Burrell, Cathy Smith, Blake Goldstein, Katrina Epperson, Janae Schiele, Vanessa Rasanen, Katrina Umland, Deanna Wiseburn, Hope Clippinger, Rebecca Ann Baker, Lisa Whitten, Gavin Imes, Robin Baker, April Reynolds

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1 Comment

  • Debra Tillman
    May 22, 2014 at 9:03 pm 

    Hey Justin! I am impressed at the amazing pictures that Emma got of you. She has quite the talent!
    I like the changes to the picture and I think the bio is just fine. I say go with the pic & bio as they are now.


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