Evan Burl and the Falling

My father abandoned me when I was an infant.
My friends have turned against me.
My uncle beats me.
The most powerful people in the world want me dead.
They all have one thing in common.
They think I'm turning into a monster.

I'm starting to worry they're right.


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Praise for Evan Burl and the Falling

“Justin Blaney’s descriptive, yet punchy writing style is just one way Evan Burl and the Falling separates itself from the vast majority of young adult and fantasy writing being published today. With its intelligent and gripping storyline, relatable heroes, and highly-imagined villains this book captured my attention from the start. I can’t wait to read what happens next.” —Freya Hind

“Evan Burl is one of the most imaginative and creative (novels) I’ve read in a long time. Fans of fast-paced, action-packed fantasy will find a lot to love...” —Alyce Reese

"The characters are awesome and the story is riveting.” —Julianna Rickman

"I usually don’t enjoy books of this genre... I’m really glad I took a chance. The characters were rich as was the story line. I couldn’t put it down!!!” —Julie Weber

"I want more! It just isn't right that's over. Evan Burl is every bit as good as the top YA fiction out there right now, in my opinion, better. The characters are brilliant, each story line is captivating, the content is complex and unpredictable, and I am intrigued to read more." —Bethany Canfield

“This eerie world and amazing cast of characters grabbed my heart from the first page and never let go. I can honestly say I would do anything to get an advance copy of Evan Burl’s next chapter.” —Natalie Medina

“I’m hooked. So many threads of greatness, I can’t wait to see how the series ends.” —Annie Biondi

“Justin Blaney creates a wonderful world of intrigue, mischief, and magic that comes alive through vivid storytelling. This is a struggle of good and evil at its finest ... it will have your mind on edge as you race to the end.” —Kari Skinner

“Brilliant. I am recommending this book to all my friends” —Julia (from Amazon.com)

“Reading Evan Burl reminded me of how I felt when I read great books like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games for the first time.” —Katie Zinda

“A fantastic read.” —Jestmesue (from Amazon.com)

“Wickedly complex villains so entertaining and terrifying they’ll get under your skin and creep you out ... Evan Burl’s world will fascinate you and leave you begging for more.” —Mary Weber

“I read Evan Burl and the Falling when I was supposed to be working on my homework. That should speak for itself, it was a fantastic distraction from reality.” —Jessie Crowther

“This book will take you on a fantastic odyssey that immerses your senses with riveting action … you will see, hear, smell and feel Evan’s dangerous journey of self-discovery, constantly in fear that something could rise up out of the ground beneath your chair and pull you into this strange world.” —Hilary Hansen

“Well-crafted. Mysterious. Intriguing.” —H.J. van der Klis

“So much YA fiction has the same story with slightly different set pieces. Evan Burl, however, is truly creative.” —Natasha (from Goodreads.com)

“I’ll never view a clear, blue sky the same! This book took ahold of my imagination and guided me through the forgotten hallways and secret rooms I’ve always dreamed of finding. A fantastic story about the burden of knowing one’s destiny, and desperately trying to avoid it.” —Eric Nienaber

“Rich, believable characters set in a captivating storyline that made me constantly anxious about what would come next. This story of hope and redemption will have you rooting for Evan to find the good within himself.” —Marisa Loper

“A fantastic read.” —Jestmesue (from Amazon.com)

"My wife and I recently read this on a trip to the mountains near Seattle. Once we started, we couldn't put it down. The book will take you on an imaginative voyage that will rivet your attention." —Bob and Daphne

“Really well written” —Angela Foster

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About Justin Blaney, author of Evan Burl and the Falling

#1 bestselling author, Justin Blaney, was born in Los Angeles and began his writing career in Mrs. King's English class at the age of 6, but after a tragic accident involving a manual pencil sharpener he suddenly declared that writing was "not his thing."Instead, he moved one state north to make his fortune in the organic meats industry.

After being named the Sausage Baron of Springfield, Justin grew tired of farming fame and moved yet another state north where he can venture into the meat department at Whole Foods without being pestered for the secret to one of his famous recipes.

Since then, Justin founded several companies, earned an MBA, began producing films, went parasailing, rode an elevator to the top of the Space Needle and decided to give writing one last shot, the result of which is a book about a shut-in named Evan Burl who never takes a bath. Evan Burl and the Falling, the first novel in a series that has very little to do with hygiene, reached #1 bestselling status in the suspense, fantasy and teen genres.

Justin lives with his wife and three daughters in Issaquah, a suburb of Bellevue which is a suburb of Seattle. You can find out more about Justin's exciting adventures by executing a search on the world wide internets or by visiting his "online web page" at justinblaney.com

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