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Be uncommon and find your why


The world is a better place because of uncommon ideas from uncommon people.

This is my why. The why that motivates me to write, teach, tell stories, and serve my clients. I love ideas that are different. I love hanging out with people who look at the world differently. I love working for organizations that are making an uncommon impact on this world.

Be uncommon.

This idea captures the meaning behind all of my projects. We want to find uncommon leaders, underdogs, catalysts for change, fearless soldiers of uniqueness, and help them fulfill their purpose.

Everyone should know the why behind what they do. Knowing your why frees you to be who you were made to be. It makes you more valuable to everyone around you. It’s about embracing everything that makes you you.

What is your why? If you’re not sure, what are you going to do to find it?

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