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A note on the newest version of Evan Burl, part one and two

I released Evan Burl and the Falling in August of 2012.

It rose to #1 on Amazon and many great reviews starting pouring in (and some not-so-great reviews). But over the following months, I began hearing more and more, from a significant segment of my audience who were frustrated with the ending.

Some were even angry.

If you were to ask me what emotion I wanted my readers to feel when they came to the final page of this novel, anger would not be at the top of the list. The problem was primarily that I ended the book on a cliffhanger, rather than resolving the story arc and answering many of the questions I built into the story.
The funny thing was, I hate cliffhanger endings too. So why did I write it that way? I really don’t have a good answer, except I was probably too eager to get the book to market. And maybe I thought it would be cool to tell a big epic story over several books. Chalk it up to the foolishness of my youth.

To rectify my literary sins, I went to work on the concluding half of Evan Burl and the Falling and decided to re-release both parts together as one complete story. The result is the book you hold in your hands. Part one and two, joined together for eternity, never to be separated again.

At least not until the movie.


(Kind of).

Now you know the full history of my adventures in self-publishing thus far.

Probably more than you wanted. It’s a scary sight to behold, giving an author the power to change his story long after it’s been published. But, I hope my year-long-public-focus-group experiment results in a story readers are more likely to enjoy. And that I won’t end up on any “people I hate” lists because of one of those nasty cliffhanger endings that are the rage with young people these days.

In light of the above, please email feedback, grammatical errors, tips, questions, personal advice, or funny pictures of your pets to evan@evanburl.com. I promise to respond to every one. Unless you’re creepy.


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